Providing Private Preschool Education Since 1953

Buttonwood Preschool

“Give children a strong sense of belonging, a feeling of love and encouragement, and they will succeed”

Since 1953, Buttonwood Preschool has been dedicated to providing quality preschool and extended daycare programs to children in Burlington County, NJ.  Our dedicated staff, large, bright classrooms, and safe playground provide a nurturing environment for children where learning can flourish.  

At Buttonwood we believe that children should have fun every day.  Our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs are designed with lots of free time so that your child can select the activities that they want to explore.  It’s this combination of teacher-directed and child-selected activities that builds confidence, develops social and emotional skills, and encourages a life-long love of learning in our students.

Visit us today and see why second and third generation families living in Burlington County choose Buttonwood for their children.

Shirley Sapp, Director