“Buttonwood Preschool is fantastic. The teachers loved and cared for my precious children as if they were their own. Clean, bright and big classrooms. Great curriculum with music, movement, art, outside every day. My daughters' Kindergarten teacher said she knew the children in her class that came from Buttonwood, they were well prepared and happy. Family owned and operated. Highly recommended.”  Grayc100

"The teacher’s extensive training and experience are evident - the children are so engaged that the classes are always calm and under control without the teachers having to raise their voices. Our oldest child loves their emphasis on art and our youngest child is so excited that she'll be starting there soon as well."   Michele


My 2 grandchildren have each attended Buttonwood Pre-school over the last few years and their experiences were excellent. Very attentive and caring staff. They work closely with the parents, assist with potty training and even special issues. Bravo!”  Jan M  

“After attending Buttonwood, both of my children were fully prepared for Kindergarten, not just educationally, but socially as well. They continue to reconnect with Buttonwood buddies even 3 years later. ” Julie

“My three children loved going to Buttonwood and our fourth can’t wait to start in the fall.”  Lisa

Buttonwood Preschool

Providing Private Preschool Education Since 1953

“As a consultant, my schedule constantly changes.  But with Buttonwood, I don’t have to worry about child care.  Any time I need to add a day or even a few hours, they are always there for me.” Michelle V 

“Buttonwood is everything you need in a preschool.  It’s close to home, flexible, and the teachers really care about the students.  Our two children loved it there!”  M

“Our experience over the last 3 years has been far better than we ever could’ve hoped for.  Not only did Emily learn a lot but she was obviously very happy.  We look forward to sending Jack in a couple of years!”  Chris

“Two years ago we searched for the perfect preschool for our daughters and we observed numerous schools before visiting Buttonwood.  We left many visitations crying with the thought of leaving our three and four year old with strangers.  However, minutes after visiting Buttonwood, we knew your school was the place we wanted our children to spend their time.  Thank you for your talent at selecting a caring and talented staff and for caring for the children as deeply as you do.”  The S. Family

“Having our son and daughter go through the program, I can honestly tell you it was the best investment in their future that we could make.  Just the peace of mind knowing they were safe and loved has been invaluable to us.”   Michele B

“Buttonwood provided a warm and caring environment all year.”  Kim F

“Buttonwood has been an important part of our family for much of the past ten years.  All three of our children matured so much in their preschool years and were so well prepared for kindergarten.”  Martha

“The role Buttonwood has played in the life of our child has been an amazing time for us.  They have not only provided her with an outstanding educational foundation, but have helped tremendously in forming her morals, her discipline, her care for others, and most importantly, her love of learning.”  Jody

“Buttonwood provided our child with a safe haven away from home.  They provided our daughter with amazing confidence and taught her important lessons and values in all aspects of life.”  Leigh Ann

“Buttonwood has been a place where our girls could get a great preparation for kindergarten while I could go to work knowing they were well cared for.  Buttonwood will always hold a special place in our hearts.”  Mia

“In six years, I never had to worry about my child not wanted to go to school or someone at school not wanting my child.  Both of our girls were given a much better start on life learning, socializing, playing, and being guided by Buttonwood than we could have given them by ourselves.”  Debbie

“My husband and I are so grateful for the loving guidance of our daughters that Buttonwood provided.  They were both in the best place they could be when away from Mom and Dad.  The girls absolutely blossomed so quickly in your care.”  Kathy

“As an educator, I recognize the sound philosophy on which Buttonwood bases it’s teaching.  They are always fair and consistent with high standards.  Each of my children have different personalities, but I can say proudly that they all share a love for learning and an appreciation of life, due largely to their experiences at Buttonwood.”  Gini

“Buttonwood has an excellent program and caring staff.  Throughout the past years, we never had a doubt that our children would receive the instruction and attention that we want for them.”  Cheryl

“As parents who need day care for our children, it means so much to us to have a safe, caring environment for our children.  Buttonwood is wonderful.  We knew our children would be well cared for, treated kindly, and in an excellent learning environment.”  Cris

“Buttonwood represents much more than just “day care” to us.  It is very comforting to know they are somewhere where they are so nurtured and safe.”  Carol

“We brought our twin girls to Buttonwood because it was highly recommended by many members of the Lumberton community.  We were so pleased that our children were happy, had lots of fun, and participated in structured learning.  We would highly recommend their care for any child.”  Jacqueline

“When my wife and I decided to enroll our three-year old daughter in a nursery school for several half days a week, Buttonwood School was the standout choice.  As the Director of a large preschool center for many years, I know a first class program when I see one.  Mrs. Sapp and her talented staff provided an extremely positive experience for our daughter; my wife and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care she received at Buttonwood School.”  Kenneth

“Last year was an incredible year for our daughter.  Her teachers taught her about colors and numbers, all the while nurturing, guiding, and gently correcting.  Ever helpful and concerned about each child’s individual needs, her teachers were patient and loving.  I cannot say enough about the wonderful environment at Buttonwood.”  Ellen

“Buttonwood Preschool fosters an atmosphere of creativity, manners, and respect for others.  Through story reading, crafts, and toys, they supply an environment of growth and self assurance.  Their caring and accommodating ways have made both my children so happy to attend Buttonwood Preschool.” Janene

“I have watched my daughter and son (seven and four) grow and bloom under the wonderful program at Buttonwood.  With a balance of academic, social, and emotional growth opportunities, my children loved attending school there and I cannot imagine a more wholesome preschool environment.”  Kathi