The preschool years are an important stage in your child’s growth.  To meet the needs of each child, our school integrates teacher-directed and child-selected activities that have been thoughtfully prepared and planned.

Our curriculum is organized into theme-based units.  Teachers introduce materials and activities in learning centers. These centers are hands-on areas and include music, science, math, creative art, pre-writing, computers, and dramatic play.

Learning centers provide both shared and independent learning opportunities where preschoolers strengthen their cognitive skills. 

Providing Private Preschool Education Since 1953

Buttonwood Preschool

Our Curriculum

We introduce high-quality children's literature to promote a love of reading. Our lessons focus on age appropriate objectives including letter recognition, letter sounds, and emerging writing skills.

Children are introduced to numbers, including sorting, classifying, and counting, as well as more advanced math skills like measuring and simple addition and subtraction.
Circle time and free play give your child an opportunity to talk, listen, cooperate, and interact with friends.  Our teachers use positive reinforcement which helps children feel good about themselves as individuals and as part of a group.
Dramatic play, music and art activities give every child the opportunity to express his or her ideas.  Open ended art projects build confidence and encourage imagination.   
Physical Development
We work and play with the children to develop their large motor skills by running, jumping, throwing, and kicking.  Fine Motor skills are strengthened with activities designed to incorporate cutting, pasting, pre-writing, and drawing.