Bunny Class

Ages 2 1/2 - 4 years old (children do not need to be potty trained)

Mornings:  8:45 - 11:45 am 
2, 3, 4, and 5 full or half days

In order to provide children with the consistency and routine they crave, we plan days filled with a balance of circle time, quiet activities, music and movement and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping. Learning Centers for imaginary play, blocks, puzzles, creative art, books, playdough and rice table are always open for discovery. Teachers emphasize social growth through circle time with stories and songs incorporated into each day to encourage language skills.

Children practice self-help skills including hand washing, putting on their coats and  putting away their toys.  Learning to share with friends is a major accomplishment in this class.  Teachers focus on the whole child with lesson plans and learning centers designed to stimulate intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.  Some areas of concentration are outlined as follows:


  • Shapes, colors, numbers and letters are presented  and reinforced with games and circle time discussions

  • Rhyming words /  Nursery rhymes

  • Listening to stories

  • Sequencing and matching

  • Macmillan music and you Curriculum


  • Sharing ideas and experiences with teacher and peers

  • Taking turns

  • Circle time talk


  • Learn to separate happily from parents and have fun at school

  • Learn to identify their own possessions

  • Develop positive self image by doing for themselves

  • Learn to  express frustration and other emotions in a calm way


  • Gross motor skills are developed through outside play ( running, jumping, climbing)  

  • Fine motor skills are developed through art activities, manipulatives and playdough.

  • Eye/ hand and eye foot coordination skills

Language development

  • Fingerplays, stories, songs are used to help develop language skills in a fun way

  • Learn to verbalize needs and frustrations

  • Visits from community helpers and guest speakers are incorporated into the three year old classroom to provide a real-world learning experience       

Our three year old Bunny Class is geared toward socialization and early school routines.  Children learn to separate happily from parents and begin the path toward making and playing with friends.  They learn to identify their own possessions and develop positive self image by doing for themselves

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