Teddy Class

Providing Private Preschool Education Since 1953

Pre-kindergarten ages 4 - 5
Morning or afternoon  8:30-11:30 or 12:30-3:00
3,4 and 5 full or half days

Our four year old Teddy classes are geared toward kindergarten preparation.  Children learn to take responsibility for their work and themselves.  Teachers focus on the whole child with lesson plans and learning centers designed to stimulate intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.  Some areas of concentration are outlined as follows:

Buttonwood Preschool


  • Recognition of upper and lower case letters and sounds

  • Rhyming words

  • Recognition of numbers, counting in order, 1:1 correspondence

  • Scientific exploration and testing


  • Cooperative play, taking turns

  • Listening and Following directions

  • Understanding classroom routines and rules

  • Respecting cultural diversity


  • Independence

  • Positive self image

  • Responsibility for oneself and ones work

  • Using words in a calm manner to settle disagreements


  • Gross motor skills-running jumping hopping climbing and  balancing

  • Fine motor skills- cutting with scissors, painting  and pasting. These activities lead to success in the manipulation of small objects and writing.

  • Two off-site field trips are scheduled to enrich our Pre-K class as well as a chick hatching project in the spring.

  • Macmillan music and you

  • Alphabet puppets introduce the idea of teaching the alphaber through puppets accompanied by stories, songs and other varied learning activities for letter recognition and sound